Pop Up Makerspace

Byron Bay Tinker Space is a learner-centered environment characterized by self-guided, informal learning based on what most interests the student. We provide the necessary tools, encouragement, expertise, and training to empower students and other makers to act on their own innovative ideas.


Unforntuately due to the chaos impacting the northern rivers for the past few years we remain closed . We hope to be open again next year.
We still offer a 3D printing service via post.

The Space

Maker education is a way to create more opportunities for people to make, and by making, build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts.

Join this collaborative space and learn some skills including; electronics, soldering, design, programming, robotics, rocketry, making, problem solving, tinkering. The space is open regularly, allowing you access to tools and equipment to work on your own projects.

Monthy kids STEAM classes in Brunswick Heads

Expose your little ones to electronics, coding and robotics in our fun guided STEAM classes. All our teachers have WCCC and are experienced in holding classes for kids.

Our STEAM classes where we foster creativity, investigation, discovery, problem solving, and hands on learning help develop valuable skills help aid children's development and opportunities as they progress though schooling and in our technological future.

Although all classes are suitable from 8 - 13 (accompanied with their parent or guardian) we encourage all people of different ages, abilities and skill levels to attend.

We teach using open source learning tools and equipment. Teaching skills not limited to any expensive learning environments and systems,