Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Come and use the space and equpment for $15

Or join one of our Classes. The prices vary for classes so check them out and choose one you like. We will provide all the parts and tutorage for you to make something and for a little more take it home so you can continue your learning.

Is this space kid friendly?

Yes, we accept all. Although we do ask for those under 13 to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Carers, parents or guardians can attend for free.

How many bookings do I need to make?

If you are wanting to attend one of our Class Projects as a group, each person will be asked to pay the $15 attendance fee for the space on top of the price of the Class.

You can share a single Code Project as a group of 2. eg Make your booking for 1 class and 1 attendance.

Pease contact for more information.

How large are the classes?

We only have space for 10 people in our Brunswick Heads space. Be sure to book in advance to save your spot.

Do I need to be skilled to attend?

Not at all. The classes designed to be suitable for all. From technologically passionate to complete beginner.

What should I bring?

If you are attending a Class, the pre-required items are listed with the class descriptions in the store. However, for most courses, a laptop is very usefull.

For those attending the space bring your project your working on. We have a whole bunch of tools to help you with your project.


Our Brunswick Heads Space has a steps and the onsite toilet is unfortunately not wheelchair accessable.

Byon Bay Tinkerspace is an inclusive respectful environment. We welcome everyone from all walks of life and abilities and we'll do our best to tailor classes to suit your needs. Our only rule is to be awesome to eachother.

We are looking to expand to several other venues which can offer greater range of accessablitly soon.

Pease contact for more information.


Modelled off the makerspaces, a space allowing like-minded individuals to share ideas, tools, and skillsets.

Maker education is a way to create more opportunities for people to make, and by making, build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts.

Byron Bay Tinkerspace is a learner-centered environment characterized by self-guided, informal learning based on what most interests the student. We provide the necessary tools, encouragement, expertise, and training to empower students and other makers to act on their own innovative ideas.


All of our staff are WWCC vetted and have experiance using all the equipment on site. We are committed to making the space a safe place for everyone and ensuring our own and each others safety.

Safety equipment is availiable for use. ie We recommend wearing glasses druing soldering and spot welding

Everyone is accountable for their own safety and making sure their actions don't impact the safety of others.


The projects lessons and classes are designed to provide a tailored experience for small groups of students.

We are priced for accessibility rather than profit. This is because we believe in making learning technology accessible for all.

Byron Bay Tinker Space is working hard to be able to accept the Creative Kids Vouchers and will be sure to keep you updated on our progress.